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Health insurance and visa & residence regulations for international applicants

Bildungsinländer apply as German citizens do:
Foreign nationals who have completed secondary school in Germany or at a German school abroad and have received a German university entrance qualification (Abitur) are Bildungsinländer who must apply the same way as German citizens do. They should refer to the German website for admission information.

International Applicants:
Please study first in detail our website Application for admission (international applicants)

Health Insurance (not necessary for application but for registration)

In general, health insurance coverage is mandatory in the Germany. When registering at the university and applying for a residence permit, all international students must prove that they have adequate medical insurance, either from a private or a statutory insurer (gesetzliche Krankenkasse).

Depending on the student’s individual status, there are different options:

  • European insurance identity card: Students from countries that have a reciprocal social security agreement with Germany (EU and EEA countries and Switzerland) should obtain the necessary European insurance identity card from their insurer in their home country.
  • Confirmation of private insurance at home: Students from EU/EEA countries who are privately insured at home must obtain written confirmation of complete coverage for the entire period of study from their home insurance companies. These students need not join the German state health insurance system. Travel health insurance policies are not adequate.
  • Student policy: Students from non-EU and non-EEA countries, as well as students from countries that do not have a reciprocal social security agreement with Germany, must provide proof that they have sufficient health insurance coverage for Germany. Otherwise, they must take out a student health insurance policy from a statutory German insurer. This is only available to students under the age of 30 who have been enrolled fewer than 14 semesters (7 years) and are not enrolled as doctoral students.

Whether you are bringing proof of coverage, have an insurance identity card, or need a student policy, we recommend that you always see a statutory insurer in Germany, where you will receive the insurance certification required to enroll and to apply for a residence permit. Please obtain two copies of this certification.

Private health insurance

Students who are not eligible for the compulsory German public health insurance must take out a private health insurance policy. We recommend that you seek advice from a public health insurance office before signing a private policy.

Nota bene: If you have a private insurance policy, it is usually not possible to switch later to a statutory health insurance company. (This may be of importance if you plan to return to Germany at a later date.) You should only take out a private insurance policy if you have no alternative.

If you are privately insured, you will still have to apply for an exemption from the compulsory public health insurance before proceeding with registration at LMU. The certificate of exemption is required at the time of registering as a student.

More information on safety, health & health insurance you will find in LMU's International Student Guide, on the website of the Deutsche Sozialversicherung German statutory health insurance system and on on the website

Visa & Residence Permit

A visa is required for students from some countries in order to enter Germany. EU and EEA citizens, with some exceptions, usually need neither and are only required to register their address. Contact the German Embassy or German Consulate in your home country to find out if you need a visa to study in Germany, and if so, what type of visa you need.

Be aware: Visa processing can take several months. You will require your notification of admission as proof. Get started early!

More information on entry requirements, student visas and residence permit you will find in LMU's International Student Guide and on the website of the "Kreisverwaltungsreferat" Munich.

Please consider the application processing time

After the application deadline, the International Admissions Office closes for two to three weeks to process applications. Acceptance or rejection at LMU occurs solely through the issue of an admission or rejection notification by the International Admissions Office. Notifications are sent out no earlier than four to five weeks after the application deadline. Please refrain from inquiring about the status of place allocation during this period. In exceptional cases, notifications can be sent out digitally providing that a declaration of consent has been signed. See also: FAQ - Current state of application and registration.

Timely application for a student visa (Non-EU):
Contact the German Embassy or German Consulate in your home country to find out if you need a visa to study in Germany. If you need one please apply early for it since visa processing can take several months. Find out more about Entry Requirements and Student Visas in LMU's International Student Guide

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