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FAQ - General questions on studying at the LMU

1. I have two nationalities. Which should I use when I apply/register?

If you have German nationality and a passport from another country as well, please always apply with your German nationality.

The same applies if you are in possession of an EU/ECR passport and a non-EU/ECR passport; here you should always apply with your EU/ECR passport.

For more information on the question “What role does my nationality play when I apply for a place?”, please see here.

2. Do I have to make an appointment if I want to come to the office?

Please refer to the office hours of the International Admissions Office and note that we are unable to make appointments. Please go to the entrance room and—depending on your desired degree program—take the respective waiting ticket. Then wait for your number to be called.

3. What sort of a CV do I have to submit when I apply to the International Office?

Your CV should be written in tabular form. It should include your personal details, your education to date (all schools / universities / degree programs you have attended, with the respective dates), university entrance examinations, qualification and language skills / language examinations. Please make sure you enter your details in full and in chronological order, accounting for all the time up to when you submit your application.

4. Does the LMU offer German language courses for which I can enrol once I am a student?

No. In our information leaflets, we list a number of language courses. To avoid competition, however, we do not make any special recommendations.

5. I have completed a degree in German studies at a university abroad. Do I still have to sit the German language test?

Yes. Even if you have completed a degree in German studies at a university abroad, you still have to sit the German language test.

6. I have submitted an application to study at the LMU, but have not yet received a letter of acceptance. Do I still have to have my certificates translated / submit my certificates?

Yes. You must always submit your certificates in the form required on your admission application.

7. Does the university offer an MBA?

Not at present. Please look on the Business Studies Faculty website to see which master degree programs are currently being offered in the field of business studies.

8. If I want to do a bachelor degree course at the LMU such as English Literature /English Linguistics, which is taught in English, do I still need to prove that I am proficient in German when I apply?

No matter which bachelor degree program you wish to pursue, you will always need to furnish evidence of proficiency in German when you apply.

9. There is a registration date written on my letter of acceptance. Unfortunately, I am unable to register during the prescribed period. What should I do?

Please contact the International Admissions Office. If you wish to register outside of the prescribed period, you will need special permission.

10. I’m registered at the LMU, and I paid my semester fee promptly, but I still have not received the validation of my LMUCard for the upcoming semester.

Please contact the Office of the University Registrar, sub-unit 2. For the opening hours and telephone number, please see the Office of the University Registrar.

11. I have received notification of rejection, and would like my documents/certificates back. What should I do?

Yes. Three months after the deadline for applications, you can collect your documents. Please contact us via e-mail (room G 018, Ludwigstr. 27, Munich, ground floor) and provide us your postal address:

In the event of rejection, we will destroy all documents pertaining to the application after 12 months, in accordance with data protection regulations.

There is the possibility to authorize another person to collect your documents: authorization

12. Is it possible to apply for more than one admission restricted programs?

Unfortunately not. International applicants can apply for two programs, but only one admission restricted program. Exception: If you apply for a major and a minor in a Bachelor's program, it is possible to choose a restricted major and a restricted minor.

13. Is it possible to receive a letter of confirmation called "Hochschulbefähigung" for the foreigners registration office?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send you such a letter. You have to apply for a study program at LMU. If you receive a letter of admission, you can contact the foreigners registration office for your residence permit.

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