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American History, Culture and Society (Master)

Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Description: The master’s degree program “American History, Culture and Society” is a research-oriented and highly flexible program of study. It offers advanced knowledge on historical, social, cultural, literary, economic and political topics in the USA as well as Canada and encourages its students to develop and pursue individual research interests. In order to complete the 120 credit point program, six modules have to be taken over the course of the first three semesters. The fourth semester is dedicated to writing the master’s thesis. Faculty teaching in this program have particularly strong research credentials in the fields of history, literature, media and visual culture, popular culture, gender, race and ethnicity, technology, and cultural theory. Students developing research projects are encouraged to place them in a transatlantic, transnational or global framework and to use comparative or interdisciplinary approaches. The program consists of two basic modules: “History and Politics” and “Culture, Media and Society.” Students can specialize in either area, or they can combine them.
Program start: winter semester only
Duration: 4 semesters
Faculty: Faculty of Languages and Literatures
Tuition: There are no tuition fees for this course. There is, however, a semester fee of 128 € for each student comprising a student services contribution (62 €) and a basic fee for public transportation (66,50 €).
Admission requirements: The program only accepts students with a first university degree (e.g. a bachelor’s degree) earned in a program of the humanities or social sciences with a substantial share of North American topics. All students who have not finished their undergraduate studies may only be accepted on a provisional basis pending the completion of their degree.
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