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Before your stay

What language certificates do I need to provide?

As German language certificates, LMU accepts the Goethe Certificate, TestDaF, onDaF and telc Deutsch. Possible English language certificates are TOEFL (internet/paper based), TOEIC, IELTS and Cambridge English Preliminary or First. The certificate must be no older than two years. If you do not have a valid language certificate, your supervisor can also issue a confirmation of your language skills. You can download the pdf-form.

If you are a native speaker of either German or English or study at a university where German/English is the main teaching language, you do not need to provide proof of language skills. Students who are planning to take English-taught courses only do not need a German language certificate.

Where can I apply for student housing and when is it available?

If you are an Erasmus+/SEMP or LMUexchange student and are under 30 years of age, you can apply for student housing when filling out the application to study at LMU. The Studentenwerk München provides Munich universities with a specific number of different types of accommodation (Servicepaket) which are then allocated by the International Office by drawing lots. Rooms are usually available from March 1 or September 1 for the duration of either one or two semesters. Students over the age of 30 are not eligible for student accommodation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Christine Kern of student housing (

What health insurance do I need?

All students are legally required to have adequate health insurance. As an exchange student you are required to obtain a certificate of insurance from a German public health insurance provider (e.g. TK, AOK, BARMER/GEK, DAK etc.). This certificate is a mandatory requirement for enrollment at LMU. The German public health insurance provider will assess whether you require compulsory insurance coverage in Germany. If you have the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) you will receive the certificate of insurance on presenting this card to a German public health insurance provider. Most international students will, however, have to purchase German health insurance in order to obtain it. A representative of a public health insurance provider will be present during enrollement.

Further information is available on the following website.

Are there language courses and orientation programs available at LMU?

LMU offers an orientation program before the beginning of lecture time. It consists of a language course and an orientation program with cultural trips and excursions in and around Munich. Language courses are available for all levels of proficiency and types of learner. If you do not wish to attend a language course, you can choose just to participate in the orientation program. There is a small discount for exchange students. You can find more information on the followig website.

Can I submit certain documents for my application after the deadline?

If supporting documents (e.g. language certificates or transcript of records) are not issued on time they can be submitted at a later date. Please contact the international office for specific information.

Can I apply for courses from a different department or subject (electives)?

This is generally possible. However, if you are an Erasmus+/SEMP student you must choose at least 50% of your courses from the department with which your home university has an Erasmus+ bilateral agreement. If you are an LMUexchange student you must choose at least 50% of your courses from one department. Both Erasmus/SEMP and LMUexchange students should choose the remaining 50% of courses from no more than two other departments. For reasons of capacity, access to some course is restricted (e.g. Business Administration and English taught Political Science courses).

Please note that if you have no previous knowledge and study experience in a subject area, you will solely be permitted to take introductory courses in this field.

What is LMU’s academic calendar and when should I arrive in Munich?

Term dates can be accessed on the following website. Exams can be held during and after lecture time. Students are expected to write essays during the lecture-free periods.

Exchange students who want to participate in any of the preparatory courses or programs are advised to arrive around September 1 or March 1, respectively.

Do you accept Free Movers?

No, LMU can only accept students whose home university has an exchange agreement with LMU within the framework of Erasmus+/SEMP or LMUexchange.

Where can I look at/choose courses? Which courses are available in English?

The LSF online course catalogue is available approximately in February for the summer semester and July for the winter semester. Please ensure you are looking at the correct semester. You can find a list of English-taught courses on the following website. The list is updated for each semester. Note that ECTS credits are not given in the directory. Your academic supervisor can provide further information about ECTS-credits.

During your stay

Can I make changes to my Learning Agreement during my stay at LMU?

If you want to make changes to your Learning Agreement, the academic supervisors of your home university and LMU must agree to the changes. The changes must be signed off by all parties. You should send a copy of the amended Learning Agreement to your home university. Please also submit a copy of the amended Agreement to the International Office.

How do I register for courses and exams?

To register for courses, please contact your academic supervisor after your learning agreement is complete. Be aware that being registered for a course does not mean you are registered for the corresponding exam. To register for exams, please talk to the lecturer.

Who can I contact regarding questions about my subject or courses?

The International Office is only responsible for the administrative part of your stay. If you have specific questions about your subject, please contact your academic supervisor. The academic supervisor is also responsible for your Learning Agreement. If you have questions regarding a specific course or module, please contact the relevant lecturer.

I want to extend my stay, what steps do I need to take?

If you planned only to stay one semester but now want to extend to two semesters, you need to first of all get approval from your home university. If your coordinator approves the extension, you should then seek approval from your academic supervisor at LMU. Please then contact the International Office to update your status.

Please be aware that extending your stay does not extend your student housing. You will need to find other accommodation for the second semester.

At the end of your stay

Where can I get my certificate of exmatriculation?

You will be automatically exmatriculated from LMU at the end of your study period. If you study at LMU for the winter semester only, your student status will officially end on March 31. Students, who leave at the end of the summer semester, will have student status until September 30.

If you need a certificate of exmatriculation, you have to go to the Studentenkanzlei. You can then use the certificate to cancel your subscriptions for the health insurance etc.