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Student Residences

Student residences in Munich are mostly managed by the Studentenwerk, which provides the LMU International Office with a limited number of places for exchange students of LMU. The application for and the allocation of these places is handled by the International Office, and, due to space limit, the office cannot guarantee housing to all incoming students. It is not possible to apply directly to the Studentenwerk for housing as an exchange student.


  • ERASMUS+ or LMUexchange students can apply for student accommodation as part of the exchange application.
  • Double degree or Erasmus Mundus students may apply for student accommodation through the LMU program coordinator. Housing, however, cannot be guaranteed to all.
  • EuroScholars students should contact the LMU EuroScholars coordinator to find out more about student accommodation (
  • Students who are not participating in any one of the programs mentioned above cannot apply for student accommodation at the International Office, and need to look for accommodation independently. Use the help for finding private accommodation for tips.

Room Allocation

  • The online exchange application must be received on or before the deadline (May 15 / November 15).
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Rooms are allocated by lottery system (i.e. random draw).
  • No specific facility requests (e.g. private bathrooms, specific location, or cost of rent) can be taken into consideration.
  • Priority will be given to students with special needs.
  • Students cannot swap assigned rooms with other students. If you are not happy with your room the Studentenwerk will not offer you an alternative.
  • No rooms are available for (married) couples.

Room Types and Amenities

  • Student accommodation is generally a single room with a shared kitchen and sometimes shared bathrooms.
  • A limited number of all-inclusive apartments are available. Students with special needs will have priority for these apartments. Allocation of remaining apartments is random.
  • Rooms are furnished with the basics - a bed, a desk, a chair, a bookshelf, and a cupboard. A sleeping bag will also be provided for the student to keep. Students must bring their own bedlinen, crockery, and other kitchen utensils.

Rental Contract

  • The rental contract signed between a student and Studentenwerk is legally binding.
  • The start of the rental period cannot be negotiated to suit individual needs. The contract for most student accommodation begins on September 1st for the Winter Semester and on March 1stfor the Summer Semester. Should you arrive at a later date or moves out before the rental period ends, you will be expected to pay rent for the full calendar month.
  • A few rooms are available from April 1st, but not all students arriving in April can receive one of these rooms. Allocation of these rooms is solely at the discretion of the International Office.
  • The rental period terminates at the end of February or July respectively. These dates are not negotiable and do not necessarily correlate with the exact end of the university semester. The rental period cannot be shortened or extended.
  • We have been able to secure a few extra rooms which are only available to rent until May or June, which is before the end of the university semester. If you are allocated to such a room you will need to find alternative accommodation for the month(s) of May (and June).
  • A deposit between 350€ and 400€ is required prior to move-in. The deposit will be returned upon move-out, on condition that there is no damage to the property.

Application Procedure

  • Application for student accommodation is a section in the online exchange application. No separate application is necessary.
  • The International Office will, as a rule, notify applicants about the result of allocation by mid/end-July for the winter semester and by the end of January for the summer semester.
  • Students who receive a positive reply will receive a separate e-mail from the Studentenwerk. A document called an Annahmeerklärung will be attached to this e-mail. This document must be signed and returned to the Studentenwerk without delay. Your accommodation is confirmed only after the signed document is returned. Please carefully read through the Student Accommodation Logistics for information on move-in, rent payment methods, and move-out.
  • Students who receive a negative reply should immediately start searching for private housing. The International Office can provide useful resources to assist students.  Please send the form Applying for private Accommodation to For additional information on searching for private accommodation, please see Private Housing.

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