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LMU Buddy Program

What is the LMU Buddy Program?

The International Office offers a buddy program which aims to help you find your feet as a new student of LMU. If you take part in this program, you will be partnered with a student of LMU who will help you with the organization of your stay in Munich. Your buddy will also be able to answer questions that you may have about studying at LMU or living in Munich. Buddies are not employees of the university. They work solely on a voluntary basis.

How do I get a buddy?

If you wish to have a buddy, you should tick the box “please assign me a buddy” on your online application for admission to LMU. Your email address will then be forwarded to your buddy so that he / she can get in touch with you about one month prior to arrival. For questions you can contact us:

How can your buddy assist you?

  • Your buddy can help you to enrol at LMU.
  • He / she can support you with all the administrative red tape.
  • Your buddy can show you round LMU (e.g. Cafeteria, library etc.).

What else can I do together with my buddy?

If you feel like meeting and going out together, you could plan a city tour in Munich or visit museums, cafes or restaurants. You can also take part in events of the LMU Buddy Program which are organized by LMU Buddies and by the International Office (e.g. visit a beer garden). You can, of course, also participate in events of TutoRIA, MESA, Catholic and Protestant Student Association etc.

We highly recommend that you use the LMU Buddy Program to make contact with LMU students.

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