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LMU Munich opens its gates to students throughout Munich every year for the University Summer Festival (in German)! With about 5,000 visitors, it is the largest student event in Munich. The festival, which began in 1995 and is organized by the Student Union, features a large open-air stage in the south courtyard where attendees can enjoy live music from local bands. Other events include a poetry slam, debates, and cabaret/improv theater performances, as well as film screenings and karaoke. The evening is capped off by an exhibition of various visual artists. For night owls, there is also a dazzling array of nightclubs, including an open-air dance club.


This student-organized theater and music festival is the largest of its kind in Germany. StuStaCulum (in German) takes place in the English Garden and features approximately 100 music and theater events, which are presented on five stages. For an entrance fee of just €5 for all four days of the festival, visitors will enjoy music in genres including rock, reggae, and ska; improvisational theater and cabaret performances; and much more.

Das Unifest (LMU-TUM-HM)

Held at the Praterinsel (in German), this party kicks off the semester for Munich students of LMU, Technical University of Munich (TUM), and the University of Applied Sciences (HM). Not only is it a fun event, it also gives new students an opportunity to get to know the student nightlife in Munich and make new friends and contacts.


This outdoor festival (in German) is held on the Königsplatz by the students of the Technical University of Munich. It includes performances by aspiring singer-songwriters as well as nationally known bands in several different musical genres. In addition to the many bands, the festival also involves a traditional sheepshead tournament (card game) and breakfast.


A festival for students on the university campus Garching, Garnix (in German) takes place on the lawn between the chemistry building and the campus pub. It features performances from both well-known and emerging bands, several food and drink stands for dining, and a cozy beer garden. There is also an open-air cinema and the GARNIX sports festival.

Tollwood Summer Festival

The Tollwood Summer Festival (in German) at the foot of the Olympic Hill is known for its theater productions from all over the world, as well as its concerts with regional, national, and international stars of the rock and jazz scene. It also features more than one hundred free shows featuring performance groups and bands from the genres of rock, pop, salsa, reggae, and the blues. Beyond music, visitors can stroll Tollwood’s "Market of Ideas," with hundreds of small stands peddling handcrafted arts and culinary treats from all over the world. All of the food offerings available at the festival are certified organic.


This summer party is held every year at Gätnerplatz Theater (in German) and celebrates music and culture. Admission is free.


Munich has a new open-air spectacle: Rockavaria (in German), held at the Olympic Park. About 70 bands rock three stages: the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Hall, and Theatron.

Streetlife Festival und Corso Leopold

The Streetlife Festival (in German) is Munich's largest street fair, taking place each June and September along Ludwig- and Leopoldstraße. Experienced by up to 600,000 visitors, the festival features shopping, food, and information about environmentally conscious living in the city, as well as urban design projects for the future.