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Arts, Entertainment, and More

Source: Franz Kuemmel

With so much to discover on campus and in Munich, you’ll want to make sure you get out of the library or lab and join in the fun! There’s music, film, art, and all kinds of cultural events, so you’re sure to find something you love—for a discounted, student price.

And if you’re interested in getting involved in cultural events on campus, check out the Culture Bureau—a service run by the Student Union Munich that organizes all kinds of fun events, from dances to comics to culture-clubbing. You can also join student groups and go out together for a show, go shopping at a flea market, visit some of the historical sites, go swimming or surfing in the Eisbach, and more. There are a lot of possibilities!

There’s no shortage of festivals in Munich. From Oktoberfest to various student festivals, you’ll have many chances to celebrate with your new friends!