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cooksoncampus_260_webZwetschgendatschi (by Penny)


  • Dough
  • 100 ml milk
  • 30 g dried yeast
  • 40 g sugar
  • Zest of 1/2 lemon (grated)
  • 1 vanilla pod (seeds)
  • 500 g flour (250 g wholemeal flour, 250 g plain flour Type 405)
  • 1 kg damsons
  • Cinnamon and sugar
  • Crumble topping
  • 100 g butter (chilled)
  • 90 g sugar
  • 150 g flour
  • 1/2 pk. vanilla sugar


Heat the milk until lukewarm, then combine in a mixing bowl with 1 tbsp. of sugar, 3 tbsp. of flour and the yeast. Blend the ingredients carefully to form a starter dough. Cover and allow to rise in a warm place. In the meantime wash the damsons and cut into quarters. Now add the remaining dough ingredients to the starter dough, and mix with and egg-beater until the dough no longer sticks to the bowl. Set aside for 30 mins. Then roll out the dough in a baking tray. Add the damsons and sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar. To make the crumble topping, combine and mix the listed ingredients together and sprinkle over the damsons. Bake at 190°C for 30-40 mins.