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My Maxvorstadt: Munich’s Students’ Quarter

Munich‘s Maxvorstadt offers traditional taverns, wonderful parks, affordable restaurants – and the University at its core: Our guide Phil shows us his own selection of the sights in his part of town.


Our starting point is the Fountain in front of the Main Building. Phil is not only studying English and Economics at LMU, he also works part-time for LMU’s Student Information Service. – And he has spent the morning responding to inquiries from fellow-students. This means advising callers who have forgotten to pay their tuition fees on time or want to switch to another subject, or putting them in touch with the person who can solve the problem at hand.

Every student is acquainted with LMU’s Main Building on Geschwister-Scholl-Platz – but the streets in the immediate vicinity also have much to offer, as Phil points out. For Phil‘s Maxvorstadt is above all an attractive mélange – made up of the University, pubs, restaurants and small shops, and famous cultural institutions. “There are lots of students and their families doing the rounds, and then there are the tourists on their way to the Pinakothek or the Brandhorst Museum.”

Day- and Night-Town
For students, one of the attractions of living in the Maxvorstadt is that, after a night out in the pubs, home is only a short walk away and the University is within easy reach for early lectures in the morning. For Phil, the best way to begin a pub crawl in the Maxvorstadt (after the last lecture of the day!) is with a round of billiards in the Schellingsalon, where Franz Josef Strauss fetched beer as a child.

The choice of the next stop on the tour is a little more difficult, but Phil recommends the Löwenbräu Beer Garden on Stieglmaierplatz, the regular Poetry Slam in the “Lost Weekend” – and when the weather is kind, the Open-Air Cinema on Königsplatz. Then there are the many parks and other green spaces in this part of town, from those around Königsplatz to the smaller ones in the area of the two art galleries (Alte Pinakothek and Pinakothek der Moderne) or the old Nordfriedhof.

Places to Eat: From Bavarian to Japanese
In the vicinity of the University there is a wide selection of small – and economical – eateries, which cater for a wide range of tastes, from Korean, to Italian to Japanese. I am always vaguely disappointed to find that many of my friends have no idea where to go for a bite to eat in the area around the university, Phil says, given that there are so many affordable – and very good – restaurants nearby. I’m thinking, for example, of the small Koren place on Amalienstrasse, the Italian restaurant “Bei Mario” on Adalbertstrasse or Atzinger’s on Schellingstrasse. A little further away, on Görrestrasse, Phil points out another of his favorites: “Here’s Il Mulino – it’s a good place for first dates! It offers an interesting combination of the sophisticated and the cosy – and they really do a good job.”

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