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My Milbertshofen: Industrial Heritage and Rural Ambiance

Milbertshofen is not a place one immediately takes to one’s heart. Its charms become apparent only to those who look again, says Rebecca – a student of German at LMU – about a district where there is much to discover.


On the main streets it is loud. This is an industrial area, a working-class district. Indeed, Rebecca’s initial impression when she first moved in was that Milbertshofen doesn’t make it easy for newcomers! But after a while she began to discover the advantages the area has to offer. Once one gets away from the major traffic routes, there are parks and lots of greenery to be enjoyed. The best known park is, of course, the Olympia Park. But Rebecca’s favorite is the Petuel Park, which is also a good example of how rapidly a neighborhood like this can be transformed. Only a few years ago, a plot of land that was enveloped in the noise of the traffic on Munich’s middle ring road was turned into a new green belt. “I still find it amazing that this park was carved out of the environs of the ring road. It’s a marvelous haven for families with young kids,” says Rebecca, who has two children of her own. “It has a really big playground with fountains and carousels.” And for everyone else the big draw is the Café Ludwig. Its patrons can enjoy the greenery and the garden air, but it is seldom as crowded as it can be in the English Garden or on the banks of the Isar – and it isn’t that far from Schwabing.

The Petuel Park is not the only factor that has brought change to the area: Increasing numbers of students are moving in – because rent levels are comparatively low and students can afford to share a large house. “In the south particularly, on the edge of Schwabing, one can see how property values in Milbertshofen are increasing,” Rebecca explains. “I hope that the area can preserve its diversity. But in effect, it is probably only a short step away from being fully gentrified.”

Milberthofen’s markets, Sommertollwood and its best Thai restaurant
For now, however, shopping in Milbertshofen has a countryside flavor to it. Take the weekly market on Curt-Mezger-Platz. “The atmosphere is welcoming and familiar, and a chat at every stall is part of the shopping experience. Maybe that’s why it reminds a little of Switzerland, where I come from. In Switzerland, the pace is slower – and that’s something I like about Milbertshofen too,” Rebecca avers. And she advises visitors to try the fresh apple juice to be had at the market: “Then you’ll know what apple juice should taste like!” And for anyone who is tired of typical supermarket fare should try the Turkish markets on Schleissheimerstrasse or Keferloherstrasse, she suggests.

For an even wider choice of goodies, there is the annual Sommertollwood in the Olympia Park, which is usually held in June or July. “There you can try almost everything – from fresh coconut milk to African cuisines and delicious Indian dishes,” Rebecca enthuses. And for those who can’t wait until next summer, she has another idea -- a visit to Rabiang, the Thai restaurant on Georgenschwaigstrasse: “Their red curry is really the best I have ever tasted. It‘s worth making the trip from any other part of Munich for that alone.”

Tips for families: Sea Life and Summer Festival
For families who make the trip, a visit to the Olympia Park is a must. “There is nearly always something new and exciting for kids at Sea Life,” Rebecca says, “we always had great fun there.” And then there is the Summer Festival in the Olympia Park, a downsized version of the Oktoberfest – all the fun of the fair with ghost train, dodgems and lots of musical attractions.

Industrial area or country village?
Away from its major roads and its industrial complexes, Milbertshofen often feels more like a country village: “This is most apparent around Milbertshofener Platz, which was the center of the original Milbertshofen,” Rebecca explains. “But meanwhile,” she adds, “I have become just as big a fan of Milbertshofen’s industrial heritage – with BMW’s iconic “Vierzylinderhochhaus” and the BMW World.

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