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Source: Anja Burkel / LMU

If you’re into sports, Munich is a great choice. The combination of the Alps, the Bavarian lakes, and the former Olympic venues means there is no shortage of options for you!

University Sports Center

The Munich University Sports Center (ZHS) offers incredible and low-cost opportunities to participate in 90 types of sports, including indoor aerobics, climbing or skiing in the mountains, sailing on Lake Starnberg, and yoga. Many of the activities focus on fitness and health, and you'll never get bored! The center is affiliated with the sports studies program at Technical University Munich and you’ll find all available options on the Munich University Sports Center website (in German).

You can get a membership card for the semester (students: €7.50, staff: €12.50) with an option to include additional activities, such as swimming or events (students: €15; staff: €20). Membership cards are issued at the start of each semester in the foyer of LMU, at Schellingstrasse 3, or throughout the year at the ZHS central office in Connollystrasse 32.

For directions on how to get there, check out the sport facilities section.

Sports in Munich

The Munich Sports Office website (in German) gives you extensive information about additional athletic opportunities in Munich. An A–Z database describes every sporting program in Munich—including 250 sports—and offers detailed information on organizations, locations, and sport venues. Sports fans and athletes can also check the calendar for the latest sporting events and times.