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Okay, it’s true: many student groups could fall under the category "international" because LMU Munich is such a diverse place. But here are a few that stand out for their international student involvement.

TutoRIA: International Tutoring and Community

TutoRIA (in German) is a student-run tutoring program offered through the International Office—but it’s also a community! Come meet people from all over the world and join the fun on campus, in the city, and around Germany at large. Events, sports, German traditions—it’s a smorgasbord of entertaining ways to spend your days. Come meet everyone!

Location: Schellingstr. 7, first floor, room 012 (close to the stairway).
Phone: +49 89 2180 6298

Munich ERASMUS Students Association (MESA)

If you’d like to hang out with and learn from the students who know just what it’s like to study abroad, MESA (in German) is a perfect option. It’s an organization run by LMU students who have studied abroad through ERASMUS—but you don’t have to be an ERASMUS student to join! The students of MESA are happy to support and assist you before and during the first few months of your stay. Each semester, there’s a big welcome party where you’ll meet many other international students from LMU and other local universities, and there are lots of great activities throughout the year (karaoke, pub crawls, castle tours, etc.).


A network of European student groups, AEGEE helps you with affordable travel, getting to know new cultures and new languages, making friends all over Europe, and actively working to build the Europe of the future.

Country and Regional Groups

Sometimes you really need to spend some time with friends from your home country, just to relax and chat in your native language. Here are some of the larger country groups that might help you feel at home while in Munich—but there are more. Just check with us in the International Office.

  • Association of Ukrainian students in Germany (BUSD)
    In close cooperation with the German and Ukrainian clubs, the BUSD represents the interests of Ukrainian students in Germany and allows friendly exchange between Ukrainian students in Germany and German students through meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and group excursions.
  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)
    CSSA helps Chinese students and scholars in Munich with life, study, and work. CSSA also serves as a bridge between the Chinese and other communities, promoting Chinese culture and cultural exchange as well as providing a network for employment.
  • Polish Students and Graduates in Munich
    The Polish Students and Graduates in Munich group helps students and other Poles in Germany in organizing and supporting cultural exchange, social gatherings, career development, and other activities. It is supported by the German–Polish Society of Munich and the International Office of LMU.
  • Turkish-German Student Union
    The Turkish–German Student Union supports young Turks living in Germany, as well as those who wish to visit or attend school abroad.