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Career-Oriented Student Organizations

In addition to the Career Center and jobs board at LMU Munich, there are many student organizations to help with your career development and search.

  • Academy Consult: Students in this group put their knowledge into practice, acting as consultants in their area of expertise to a variety of companies.
  • AIESEC: This is an international platform for training the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Asia Studies Group: Interested students from all programs come together in this weekly, interdisciplinary, and informal study circle to discuss various issues concerning Asia.
  • European Law Students‘ Association (ELSA): This is the world's largest law student association, with members from 42 countries. ELSA is a charitable organization and provides law students, legal trainees, and young lawyers the opportunity to engage and educate.
  • Sinik: A student Initiative for Intercultural Competence in Munich, this group offers workshops on intercultural awareness in the student environment.