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Types of Courses

There are a range of course types for you to choose from, and it helps to know exactly what you’re selecting.

  • Vorlesung (Lecture): Lectures are opportunities to hear presentations from our faculty members. The classes are often quite large, attendance is usually not monitored, and active student participation is not required. At the end of a lecture series, assessment generally takes the form of a graded examination.
  • Grundkurs (Basic Course): A basic course focuses on the fundamental principles of your field of study and the basic research methodologies. The expected amount of active participation varies from department to department.
  • Proseminar or Hauptseminar (Seminar): In a seminar, you deepen the knowledge you have gained in introductory lectures and basic courses—and are expected to take an active role in the class. You will usually make an oral presentation and also submit a written paper at the end of the course.
  • Übung (Exercise): An exercise is a more focused and interactive form of lecture where you’ll explore the content in depth and have the opportunity to ask detailed questions. Generally, you’ll have weekly assignments that you’ll then discuss further in class.
  • Kolloquium (Colloquium): In a colloquium, you’ll have stimulating conversations with your professors and peers on focused topics in a more interdisciplinary environment. You will receive a certificate of participation, but no grade.
  • Tutorium (Tutorial): Tutorials are one-on-one or small group intensives on specific topics or in preparation for examinations. Participation is voluntary and the tutorial is not graded.