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Tips for Applying and Registering

Source: Jan Greune / LMU

As soon as you start researching study in Germany you will discover that the application and admission process can be quite complex and differs from university to university.

There are different terms and conditions that define your path to your desired study program at LMU Munich. Depending on . . .

  • the degree you are aiming for (Bachelor, Master, state examination, doctorate)
  • the admission requirements of the desired program/subject (Is it a so-called "free subject,“ a program with aptitude assessment (Eigungsfeststellungsverfahren) or pre-registration (Voranmeldung), or perhaps a locally or centrally restricted admission degree program?)
  • your country of origin (EU / EEA, Non-EU, German)
  • your entry qualifications (For example, with a German Abitur, acquired at a German school, you are a so-called Bildungsinländer irrespective of your nationality.)
  • the language the desired program is taught in

We‘ll give you a short introduction to applying and registering at LMU Munich—and some hints to help make things easier. If you‘ve decided to join us at LMU, you should also read more about the details of admission and registration on our Degree Students Website or our Exchange Students Website.